"While the content of A Course In Miracles is Profound, Relevant and Meaningful... Let's be honest, it is not easy to understand."

But now you can learn and experience A Course In Miracles in an entirely new way!!

Regardless of who you are and what you believe, this program will have a dramatic impact on YOU!

You have attended all the seminars. Read all the books. Attended all the workshops. Listened to all the tapes. Sat at the feet of many gurus. Climbed the Himalaya Mountains. Traveled the world. Chanted until the sun went down, and you are still searching. Stop your searching. Stop your seeking. If your deepest desire is to know the truth of what you are and why you are here at this moment in time, then know that this program is for you because we have simplified the contents of the teachings and made it easier to grasp.

A Course In Miracles was designed to be a self-study program focused on a spiritual thought system with the purpose of helping the student achieve a "foundation for Inner Peace". The self-study curriculum was designed to assist the student in achieving spiritual transformation.

Now You have a Guide to Teach You In an Entirely New Way

Would you like to live a life of higher awareness and fulfillment? Combine spiritual ideals with modern educational methods? The word Education comes from the Latin word Educare, meaning "hidden within" or "to draw out". Your own Guide, a Master of "A Course In Miracles" will educate you using amazing yet simple and natural methods that will heighten your ability to learn and comprehend.

As our spiritual understanding increases we become more awake and aware to life. Each and every one of us has the potential and ability to manifest all that we desire, and to live a life of balance.

Who will be your guide?

Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie is your guide. She is an exceptional transformational coach, speaker, author, consultant, writer and facilitator. She’s published the newsletter The Difference, has been on BBC Radio with Michael Quinsey, she has hosted many retreats and workshops in addition to working one-on-one with those desiring a deeper understanding. The study and teaching of A Course In Miracles has been her life work. Veronica is dedicated to delivering truth and understanding.

Veronica has an amazing gift, when she speaks it is not only beautiful it is brilliant. Being in her presence she enlightens and delights. The rhythm of her voice sings to your heart and spirit.


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You Can Live in Abundance

Most people are suffering from poverty consciousness. But how do you awaken your mind, so you can experience the joy of living in abundant consciousness. With willingness and open-mindedness you can live the life you were created to live. But how can you make that happen? Your daily bread of truth will free you from your addiction of your own self-limiting thoughts. But how do you change your thought patterns?

Let Us Show You How in Two Easy Steps

For all of you who have wanted to explore and learn about A Course In Miracles but lack the will to take the necessary steps to get started let us introduce you to the two tools that will change all of that forever. You can now awaken to your hidden potentials, so you can be endowed with life understanding and abundance.

Powerful Technology Delivers

We all know the positive advantages to meditation. But it can take many, many years to learn to clear your mind and reach a deep meditative state. With the use of the TGI PRO technology you can now reach a deep meditative state in less than 12 minutes. Now imagine adding the profound words and inspiration for "A Course In Miracles".

What Will I learn About?

Relationships...Prayer... Meditation...Prosperity...Change...Love

Abundance...Darkness to Light...Giving and Receiving...Reality

Freedom from Fear...Principles of Truth...Peace...Faith -Trust

Right-Mindedness...Transformation of Consciousness


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How Does the TGI PRO Work?

The TGI PRO is a portable delivery device, much like an I-pod, and includes headphones and special glasses. It comes preloaded with 14 of Veronica's "A Course In Miracles" guided meditations and 4 bonus sessions. The bonus sessions include an introduction, a guided meditation for the morning wakeup, designed for focus, one for the evening for sleep and one for going back to sleep.

Frequency Following Response Technology

Understanding how our mind functions gives us the tools we need to create the results we desire. Except when we are sleeping we spend most of our time in the brainwave state of Beta. Beta is our conscious wide-awake state. Beta is the only brainwave state where you can feel pain, fear, anxiety, and stress. When we shift to doing something we enjoy or slip off into a daydream we move into the Alpha brainwave state. Humans actually spent about 25% of their awake time in Alpha. Have you ever looked out a window or driven down the road and then wondered what happened to the time or wondered how you got there. You were in Alpha.

The great thinkers of the world like Einstein and Tesla used the brainwave state Theta to find solutions to their problems. Theta is the brainwave state we all go to just before sleep. Theta is our creative state, when we are in Theta our mind is free to explore, invent and create the solutions we are seeking. For some of us however, as we get older it is harder and harder to go to the Theta state.

Reaching the Theta brainwave state when not intending to go to sleep is referred to as meditation. We all know the benefits of meditation. The relaxation and stress reduction acquired from clearing the mind and letting go of the tension in the world around us is physically and mentally beneficial to the body.

The TGI PRO allows the user to go to Theta in twelve minutes. It would take a Monk 30-years to reach the same relaxed Theta brainwave state that the TGI PRO takes you to in twelve minutes. Listening only 20 minutes per day reduces stress, which is according to the National Institute of Health, is the cause of 90% of all illness. Additional benefits from listening 20 minutes a day includes a 21% increase in serotonin and a 25% increase in endorphins. Because the process duplicates sleep the user also experiences the equivalent of 2 plus hours worth of sleep.

The human body naturally synchronizes with the frequencies it is exposed to. If you go to Times Square in New York where the frequency is very high about 18 to 22 cycles, you can feel the energy and chaos. If you go to the ocean and sit down you begin to feel relaxed because your body is synchronizing with the ocean frequency, which is also Alpha. When you go to the mountains you again also begin to feel relaxed because your body is synchronizing with the earth's frequency, Ohm which is Theta.


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Our Totally-Positive, No-Stress Money-Back Guarantee

Reducing stress is what we do. So to make it easy and stress-free for you, we have a comprehensive guarantee. No need to hesitate in getting yourself a TGI PRO.

We're so positive you'll be delighted by it and the results you get, that we're giving you a FULL 90-day refund guarantee. So you have three whole months, effectively, to test this device, with no financial risk.

Why are we confident enough to give you this guarantee?

Because our returns are few and far between. We just don't get them very often. People love the TGI PRO technology and programs- and we hear it every day.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Our customer testimonials prove the outstanding satisfaction - and astonishing results - that folks are receiving from the TGI PRO.

"The technology and programs provided on the TGI PRO are exactly what people need today to make great changes in their health and peace of mind. The momentum of the outside world is not to be underestimated and the TGI PRO offers an antidote and advantage that would help virtually anyone." -Dr. Jonathan Ellerby Director, Canyon Ranch Health Resort.

"The response from our patients is very positive. They enjoy listening to the program. They are truly able to relax and focus on getting better. We feel that the PRO is instrumental in the progress of treatment." -Dr. John Klizke, DC

"I do believe the day I was introduced to the PRO was the greatest gift I have ever received. Within a short period of time, I noticed a significant shift in my life. The natural methods of healing I used were working so much better than they used to. My pain was disappearing, my immune system was getting better, and I wasn't attracting so many negative experiences into my life." -Wendy L.

"Being a caretaker is both mentally and physically exhausting. My Mom is over 80 years old and I've been her caretaker intensely the past 6 years. Having the PRO device and being able to listen to the 'Caretaker' meditations has given me tremendous benefit with regards to getting me mentally rejuvenated and keeping me focused on the purpose of my mission as a daughter for caring for my Mom. Experiencing TGI shifted my mindset from one of 'lack' to one of 'purpose'. Any Caretaker needs to check out the PRO and realize it's wonderful benefits and mind-shifting capabilities. Get one." -Shirin D.


The complex text of "A Course In Miracles" has been translated into a simple understandable form of eloquent words. This book "Things To Know about A Course In Miracles" can be taken with you wherever you go to provide insight, growth, inspiration and guidance. Even if you are well versed in "A Course In Miracles" I know you will find the content amazing. Now, you can easily begin the journey of your life by diving beneath the surface for the pearls at the bottom of the sea. The knowledge is all at your fingertips.

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